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Direct Transfer to Voice Mailbox

An internal user on the Strata CIX can transfer a call directly to another person's voice mailbox without waiting for the call to forward from the called party's telephone. The voice mailbox does not even need to be associated with an active telephone in the Strata CIX.

Direct Transfer to Voice Mail simplifies getting a call for a busy or absent employee to his/her mailbox. It eliminates the need for the caller to enter the desired mailbox number after being connected to the voice mail system.
To transfer a call directly to Voice Mail (VM)

  • While on a call, press Cnf/Trn. You hear feature dial tone.
  • Press Direct Transfer to VM or enter #407. You hear entry tone.
  • Enter the VM mailbox number (usually the same as the extension number), then press #. The call transfers immediately and your extension becomes idle. The transferred party hears the greeting associated with the specified mailbox and can then leave a message.

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